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The Ombudsperson looks into complaints regarding the application of CBC Journalistic standards and practices. This covers content on radio, television, websites and on other digital platforms. There is a limit of one year from the date of the original publication to file a complaint.

We also deal with stories on current issues of public controversy that are produced outside of CBC News. News content in CBC sports or arts or any other specialty programming also falls within the Ombudsperson's mandate.

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We get asked a lot about the Comments that appear on the news website ( The comments are not part of the journalism, and are moderated by an outside company under the guidance of CBC. The Ombudsperson does not have jurisdiction over comments that follow stories on the websites. You can address those concerns to

The Ombudsperson’s mandate only includes managing complaints that are related to information content. If you have a complaint about a sports broadcast, entertainment programming, scheduling, advertising or transmission, then the Ombudsperson can't help you. But here's the link to a place that can:

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