"Even if it's fake, it's real"

The Neiman Journalism Lab offers predictions for trends in journalism for the year ahead. Of course social media and its use in news features large. There is an ongoing discussion about what happens when Twitter and other social media get it wrong. The past year has many examples of big breaking stories where tweets got important details wrong –Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Naval Yard shooting, among others. Major stories now also break via Twitter, and that won’t change. Lots of think pieces about what it all means, and what to do about the inevitable inaccuracies (as is frequently the case in any form in a big breaking story). Some argue it’s time to just sit back and accept it; that is the way news will happen in the 21st century, and it is self-correcting in the end. Let the buyer beware. And check out this take on it, one of the predictions in the Neiman lab series (the others are interesting too): http://www.niemanlab.org/2013/12/even-if-its-fake-its-real/