A Matter of Taste

I get quite a few emails from people who are concerned about the use of graphic images. They wonder why they were used, or why there was no warning. CBC policy states that there must be an editorial justification for its use, and that a warning should be provided. Recently the New York Times ran a dramatic photo on its front page. It was a story in a series about the how culture and wealth can influence breast cancer treatment. This story was from Israel, and the photo was of a bare breast with the scar from an incision. The young woman's face was not shown, but there was also an image of a Star of David tattoo above her breast. It created quite a stir. The public editor of the New York Times wrote a column in response. She has published a second one which includes the thoughts of the woman in the photo. This will link you to both: http://nyti.ms/1bE30tR