Lifting the curtain on newsrooms can build trust.

A final reflection for 2017 - a year marked by some challenging times for the news business.

The nature of the relationship between news user and provider is about as testy as I can ever remember. Some good research is being done about what works, and what will restore trust.

A recent study is one of a growing body of academic research that states the more people know about how news is created, and how journalists do their jobs, the less likely they are to buy into conspiracy theories. You can read about it in this CJR article: Study: Educating news consumers about the media can curb conspiracy theory appeal.”

The more we explain how journalists work, the more people will trust, according to this study. Media literacy should focus not on content, but the nuts and bolts. Gee, sounds like a job for an Ombudsman.

And finally, Merry Christmas and the best of the season to you all.

Here’s to 2018.