Books make a comeback!

What kind of reader are you? E-book or the paper kind. I love to read books. I love to look at books on my book shelf, and to take them down and share them with others. lend them to other people. I really like sharing books too. Wherever I travel, I look for secondhand book stores and can cheerfully browse for a long time. I also own a digital device and love to read books on it as well - especially in airplanes and in the middle of the night. It took me a while to do digital - it felt like a betrayal somehow, although of what, I am not sure.

It would seem, judging by the demise of bookstores, that e-books were ascendent … maybe not. According to this article in The Guardian, in Britain any way, book sales are up - and are attributed to the sale of children’s books, and to the preference of 16-24 year olds for the physical thing. Even our wired kids need a break from a screen. Imagine. And get more details by reading Ebook sales continue to fall as younger generations drive appetite for print.”