To Name or Not to Name - The question of anonymity

How much privacy does a published author deserve? There is a tradition of writers using pen names. The right to a pseudonym has become the topic of debate in literary and journalistic circles.

I am a big fan of the Italian writer who went by the nom de plume Elena Ferrante. I read all of the Neapolitan quartet. There was great mystery about who she in fact was, or if she was a she at all. Turns out she is, and she has been named by an Italian journalist Claudio Gatti. It has created quite a storm - with strong opinion on both sides about the ethics of revealing the identity of someone who has stated publicly it would be painful to her to have her identity revealed. Gatti published his finding in the New York Review of Books. He has been accused of sexism. Others say it is legitimately in the public interest. There’s an interesting analysis by Leo Benedictus on The Guardian website called Elena Ferrante and the trouble with anonymity.

What do you think?