The Wired World -- Trends in Canada

You may notice that most of the material I have blogged about the state of the media comes from U.S. sources. There is one Canadian study I came across about “Canada’s Media Landscape”. It was prepared for iab.Canada, a not-for-profit association representing marketing and advertising firms. The association does research and says that “we are the only trade association exclusively dedicated to the development and promotion of the digital marketing and advertising sector in Canada.”

Here is the summary of findings in the study:

  • Internet accessing devices are proliferating.

  • Car Connectivity and Wearables are now in the Internet “pipeline”.

  • Media measurement is in flux.

  • Offline media time is holding - Internet time is growing.

  • Offline skews old. Online skews young.

  • Mobile video is still effectively unmeasured.

  • 40% of actual Internet time is still buried.

  • TV/Internet is intersecting. A battle for video attention is being waged.

    • Netflix has a weekly reach 18-34 approaching 50%.

    • Media time-spent increases are mostly due to “simulmedia”.

    • Cord cutting growth in English Canada will slow with Pick + Pay.

    • Numeris/comScore are both now measuring co-branded video.

    • “Video on Demand” provides a youth TV tuning lift.

    • TV, Radio, IVideo commercial time composition matches ad revenue composition.