The Scoop of a Generation -- How a UPI reporter put out the very first report of the Kennedy assassination

Those of us of a certain age always remember where we were on this day 53 years ago. It was a Friday so I was leaving my classroom and found my brother waiting for me, an unusual event. That entire weekend we had the TV and radio on constantly. Two pool reporters were with the Kennedy motorcade in Dallas that day, and it was Merriman Smith of UPI who scooped rival AP by five minutes. Part of the reason he was first is because he understood the value of a newfangled technology - the radiophone. Imagine what it would be like today. Not only could our phones record every second, but a reporter could live feed it. It was a little more complex then, but equally competitive. Bill Sanderson recounts how it all unfolded in a CJR article entitled Jockeying and fisticuffs en route to the greatest scoop in a generation.