The Ethics of Eyewitness Video

It is fascinating and heartening, that as the practice of journalism evolves at warp speed, major news organizations and some of the new social media players are banding together to ensure journalistic ethics and standards keep up. Shelley Hepworth writes in the Colombia Journalism Review (CJR) about some of the ethical dilemmas around the use of eyewitness video, and about work being done to solve them. She asks some fundamental questions:

As news sharing on social platforms gathers steam, breaking news videos shot by eyewitnesses are going viral every other week. The phenomenon raises a host of questions for publishers, platforms, and eyewitnesses themselves. How can journalists ensure videos are authentic and judge whether it’s ethical to re-publish them? How can social platforms prevent fake news content from proliferating? How can journalists minimize harm to eyewitnesses who are suddenly thrust into the center of a breaking news cycle?

Find some of the solutions here.