Digital Innovation & The News Business

It’s a statement of the obvious to say the news business is in turmoil. Digital platforms and social media are a growing source of information for a growing number of people. I am fascinated by the new and innovative ways people get and receive information. I find it exciting but also a bit scary. The scary part is wondering whether the values underpinning the highest quality news can co-exist in this rough and tumble world. For the most part, I am optimistic. The Pew Research Center has been doing an ongoing analysis of social media and news. Their studies are always deep and rich, and thought provoking. This one looks at News use across social media platforms 2016. It finds that 62% of United States adults get news on social media. It also breaks down which platforms are most used. Interesting too, to note that a significant number of people “happen” on the news while doing other things on the site. You might also want to check out how this compares to the last time Pew did a study in 2013. No surprise – it’s going up.