Three reviews released, four under way

Since my last post I have completed three findings of public complaints and launched three other reviews.

The first review concerned a complaint that information broadcast on CBC Television's The National did not migrate to

The complainant argued that CBC had censored material and was violating its journalistic standards. I agreed it would have been optimal to include the material in the online package, but I concluded the disappearance of the material was the result of a technical process and not an editorial one.

The second review followed a complaint that the lack of coverage of Egyptian violence against those migrating to Israel constituted a bias. I did not find a violation of CBC policy.

The third review concerned a CBC Television documentary on asbestos. The complainant argued the documentary was inaccurate, unfair and imbalanced, but I concluded there were divergent views and appropriate measures taken to present the material clearly.

Four reviews are under way. One concerns a report on government assistance to a company. A second involves a request to delete what the complainant argues is an unfair and inaccurate story on a product alert. A third concerns the manner by which a story was updated. A fourth involves a complaint about the fairness of a CBC Television report on Syria.