Reviews Released

(Les textes que je publie dans cette revue de presse sont des références. Il ne faut pas les interpréter comme des opinions personnelles. Pierre Tourangeau)

Since my last post I have released two findings of reviews following public complaints about CBC news and information content.

The first complaint involved CBC Television coverage of violence in the Gaza, in particular whether the content provided adequate background and context in accordance with CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices.

I concluded CBC fairly and accurately reported what it knew at the time and took measures to update information constantly across its platforms as the violence broadened in the region. There was no policy violation.

The second finding followed a public complaint about the fairness, accuracy and integrity of a CBC Television documentary on The National by freelance journalist Alexandre Trudeau.

I concluded the documentary was fair and accurate and editorially and financially independent within CBC journalistic policy. There was no violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices.