Reviews released and under way

Since my last post I have released five findings and launched six reviews.

Findings are typically posted a day or two after they have been distributed simultaneously to the complainant and to CBC News. A few days later they are Tweeted and noted on Facebook and other social media.

The first finding concerned a CBC Radio Quirks & Quarks segment on an impending international conference on climate change in Durban, South Africa. I did not find a violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices.

The second finding involved a analysis on a International Nuclear Energy Agency report on Iran's nuclear program. I did not find a violation of policy.

The third finding concerned a request to "unpublish" a story from I did not find a violation of policy but indicated the issue is worth a wider examination because it raises significant issues.

The fourth review involved a complaint about news coverage of changes to the Tim Horton's restaurant chain menu and ambience. I did not find a violation of journalistic policy.

The fifth review concerned a complaint of conflict-of-interest involving a CBC News reporter. I concluded there was a violation of journalistic standards and practices, but in keeping with this Office's mandate, left any personnel matter for CBC to resolve.

I have agreed to conduct six reviews.

The first involves a complaint about terminology used on a CBC Radio British Columbia program in a segment concerning a coalition's call for reforms to anti-drug laws.

The second concerns a complaint about the fairness of the tone in a CBC Radio interview.

The third involves a complaint about a CBC Television segment on Elections Act charges against four Conservative Party officials.

The fourth concerns a complaint about a analysis on American politics in the wake of the shooting of a Congresswoman.

The fifth involves a complaint that CBC News did not carry a widely available video from the Mavi Marmara ship that was part of a 2010 international flotilla headed for the Gaza.

The sixth concerns a complaint about the fairness of a page on assisted suicide.