Reviews released and under way

In the last week I have released three findings and agreed to conduct two reviews.

The first finding concerned a complaint that Early Edition, a CBC Radio British Columbia program, did not accurately describe a report calling for reforms to anti-drug laws. I did not find a violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices.

The second finding concerned a CBC Television report on The National involving charges against four Conservative Party officials related to the Elections Act. I found there was an inaccuracy in the report, thus a violation of policy, and that correct information was later provided.

The third finding arose from a complaint about an interview on CBC Radio's The Current about the tone and content of an interview with Nur Chowdhury, convicted in absentia in connection with the 1975 assassination of the president of Bangladesh. I did not find a violation of journalistic policy.

I have agreed to launch two reviews. The first concerns a complaint about language use and the second concerns coverage of a robotics event.