Reviews released and under way

Since my last post two findings have been released and one review has been launched.

The first finding involved a complaint about an interview on CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition concerning a plant closure in Ontario. The complainant asserted the interview was biased, but I did not find a violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices. The interview subject had expertise and praised and criticized organized labour. CBC policy also permits perspectives to be presented over a reasonable time across its platforms.

The second finding involved a complaint that a commentator should not have been a guest on a CBC News Network program because of his views on the Middle East. He was misidentified as a CBC journalist in the broadcast and online, which was a violation of policy, but that was quickly corrected and the interview itself did not violate journalistic policy. The guest had expertise and his comments were not unfair.

I have agreed to conduct a review of a complaint about a report on CBC Television's The National concerning a report on tanning beds.