Reviews released and under way

Since my last post I have completed five reviews and released their findings. Three more have been launched as a result of public complaints.

The first review involved a complaint about the fairness of a and CBC Radio North by Northwest interview segment on the Komagata Maru incident was neither fair nor balanced. While I did not find a violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices, I found there was room for improvement in the line of inquiry.

The second review concerned a complaint that a CBC Radio As It Happens segment on Canadian convicted terrorist Omar Khadr was biased. I did not find a violation of policy.

The third review involved the accuracy of a CBC Montreal report that asserted it was illegal to sell electronic cigarettes containing nicotine. I concluded there was a mild violation of policy.

The fourth review followed a complaint about the accuracy of a report on an anti-abortion activist who had received the Queen's Jubilee medal. I did not find a violation of policy.

The fifth review involved a complaint that CBC's coverage of the Gaza violence was not balanced. I concluded there had not been a policy violation.

Three reviews are under way. One involves a report on underage drinking in restaurants, another involves a CBC Television documentary on The National by contributor Alexandre Trudeau, and a third concerns CBC Television coverage of the Gaza violence.