Reviews completed and under way

The first review concerned a news agency story carried by The complainant asserted that the story was inaccurate and needed to be corrected. An amendment was made to the story and the complainant asserted that the changes were not properly noted.

I found that there was a minor, technical violation of policy by amending the story without alerting the audience to the changes. I concluded that not all changes can be noted, but that this change was sufficient to merit such notation.

The second review involved a blog post on The complainant argued his views were not appropriately carried. CBC News agreed he should have been included in the story.

I found that the non-inclusion amounted to a violation of CBC journalistic policy that calls for even-handed treatment of views.

Three reviews are under way. One concerns the promotion of content coming later in a newscast, another involves a television interview with someone known by the interviewer, and a third deals with the characterization of a speech at a political convention.