Review findings released

There are three recent findings arising from public complaints.

The first review involved a complaint about bias and inaccuracy in a opinion piece by former Conservative cabinet minister Stockwell Day. His article looked at complaints in the Occupy movement about the income gap. I did not find a violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices.

The second review followed a complaint that the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives was identified in a CBC Television report as leaning "sharply to the left," when the Conference Board of Canada was given no similar identifier for its leanings. CBC News acknowledged a violation of its policy that refrains from characterizing organizations in that way.

The third review followed a public complaint that a CBC Radio segment on the Guatanamo Bay prison in Cuba and Canadian-born prisoner Omar Khadr did not mention the U.S. soldier kiled by Khadr. The complainant sought equal mention of the victim and killer. I did not conclude there was a violation of policy.