New findings released, review under way

In recent days three findings have been released.

The first examined a public complaint that a CBC Television and report on so-called "robocalls" in the 2011 federal election was inaccurate and thus unfair.

The report noted that the political opposition had charged that the calls could only have been made with the assistance of the closely guarded Conservative Party database on voters. I concluded that the report was carefully phrased and did not violate CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices.

The second involved a CBC Radio and report on the release of the annual Amnesty International publication on capital punishment worldwide. The radio report asserted that the United States was the only G8 country to feature capital punishment.

CBC News acknowledged the error, a violation of its policy, but corrected the matter online by overwriting an earlier version of the story instead of noting the specific correction. It did not correct the radio story.

The third concerned a complaint that a CBC Television report was unfair in characterizing alleged voting irregularities in a Toronto riding in the 2011 federal election.

While there was not a violation of policy, I agreed with CBC News that the report could have been phrased better to avoid any generalized statement.

I have agreed to the first-ever review by this Office of statements about the Middle East on Twitter.