Reviews released and under way

Since my last post I have reviewed three complaints and agreed to review one.

The first review concerned information superimposed in a banner at the bottom of the screen on a CBC News Network program, The Lang & O'Leary Exchange. I did not find a violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices.

The second review involved a CBC New Brunswick television report about reaction to a citizens' group's change in policy about hydro-fracking in the province. I did not find a violation of policy but did find room for improvement in the reporting technique. A significant element of the story is in dispute. I suggested the story be posted online if CBC News is content it remains accurate, or that it be pursued if CBC feels it needs to be clarified.

The third review concerned a CBC News Network segment about the Six-Day War. The network had acknowledged error but not run a correction. I did not find a violation of policy, which permits CBC News to decide if and when corrections run. But I suggested that CBC at least correct in its broadcasts information it had agreed in correspondence had been in error, in keeping with the spirit of its policy.

In recent days I have also agreed to conduct a review of a complaint about a CBC Radio broadcast on protests at last year's G20 summit in Canada.