Reviews released and started

Since I've last posted, two reviews have been completed and three have been started.

One review examined a complaint there was bias in an interview of author and activist Alice Walker on CBC Radio's The Current. While I did not find a violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices, I did note room for improvement.

A second review examined a complaint of the characterization of Norwegian alleged mass murder Anders Behring Breivik as a Christian fundamentalist. While new information about Breivik has since emerged to refine the characterization, I found CBC worked within its standards and practices by attributing the characterization properly in the absence of its ability to gain information independently.

I have started three reviews in recent days: one concerns a CBC Television documentary on the Albertan oil sands, another involves a program's superimposed description of federal Opposition Leader Jack Layton, and a third examines the accuracy and fairness of a New Brunswick report on a citizens' group.

And a postscript to my last note about Julie Miville-Dechene, who left her role as Radio-Canada Ombudsman at the end of July. She has taken up her new post as head of the Quebec Council for the Status of Women. We wish her great success.