Review released and under way

Since my last post I've released a review on a documentary on the Albertan oil sands project.

The complainant felt the two-hour CBC Television program unfairly portrayed the environmental impact of the project, depended on research that was not strong, and excluded information and resources that might have told a more balanced story.

I found the study upon which the documentary focused to be newsworthy and valid and that the program made considerable effort (if in many cases unsuccessfully) to provide a range of viewpoints. CBC reported on the study accurately.

That being said, as a documentary it had greater latitude than would a news report to argue a point of view, and CBC had greater latitude to provide the range of views over a longer term.

I encouraged continued focus on the issue and a strong online resource on the associated themes.

I did not find a violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices.

I have launched a new review arising from concerns involving a CBC Halifax radio program.