New reviews released

Since the last post I have released four reviews.

In the first review, I examined a CBC Radio documentary on The Current on a wind energy project in Ontario. I did not find a violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices and accepted that the framework of the documentary could not include thorough scientific and environmental review of the project. I noted The Current had followed the documentary days later with an interview with some of this context.

In the second review, I examined a story on criminal charges against a physician whose military background was included in the coverage. While I did not find a violation of policy, I did find room for improvement in the story's emphasis.

In the third review, I examined a CBC Television episode of Marketplace and its examination of homeopathy. I did not find a violation of policy, although I noted that one element might not have contributed positively to the investigative work of the program.

In the fourth review, I examined CBC Television coverage of a dispute involving a beauty pageant contestant with the national contest's organizer. I did not find a violation of policy and left to CBC News any decision it might make about following the story as it develops.

Two reviews should be released in the next few days. A half-dozen remain in the queue.