New reviews released and started

Since my last post I've reviewed three complaints and agreed to review four new ones.

In the first review, I found there had been a conflict of interest when a local artist was appointed as a regular reporter on arts to CBC Radio in Ottawa.

But I also found the conflicts were not deliberate; they arose from a lack of understanding about the concept journalistically. I noted that she had never sought personal advantage in her reporting, that measures had since been taken to educate the contributor on conflict policy, and that she had since performed professionally.

In the second review, I found that CBC could have more swiftly fulfilled its journalistic policy in correcting an error made by a contributor to the Power & Politics program on the CBC News Network. A correction was made recently and the program apologized for the time it had taken.

In the third review, I found no violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices in local and national television reports from British Columbia on the rating system by the Better Business Bureau of moving companies. The complainant was not a significant element in the story, but treatment of his concerns was fair and accurate in any event.

I have agreed to review four new complaints. They concern: a television report from Libya; the VoteCompass online questionnaire; a television report concerning remarks made about a possible political coalition; and a television report on the degree of earlier federal political party cooperation.

Four more reviews are due to be released in coming days. There are nine in the queue.