New reviews and business

Since my last blog entry I've released three reviews and agreed to conduct three others.

In the first review, I found the need for refinement of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices policy on point-of-view documentaries to give programmers the discretion to broadcast journalistically sound productions that have financing from advocacy groups. I did not consider it in the public interest to cite CBC for a violation of policy.

In the second review, I found no violation of standards and practices concerning CBC Television's handling of the income trust issue.

In the third review, I found a violation of standards and practices for not directly correcting a statement concerning a CBC Radio report on a Royal Society of Canada study on the health impact of oil sands development.

I have agreed to review a complaint on a CBC Radio program's reporting on nuclear reactor safety, a complaint on conflict-of-interest declarations by a CBC co-host, and a complaint on CBC's reporting on a provincial loan in Prince Edward Island to a company with a connection to a Liberal electoral candidate.

I intend to release another two or three reviews in the coming week and have 12 in the queue.