New design, reviews released and under way

Our website has undergone a redesign with several changes in emphasis.

Most important, the complaint forms and the findings (this Office's input and output) are more promimently displayed. It is easier, too, to comment on posts and findings. There are new resources, blog posts, and a frequently-asked-questions feature, along with information on the mandate, jurisdiction and public complaint process.

Many thanks to the digital operations team for its leadership in the redesign.

Since my last post I've released three findings and started two reviews.

The first review involved the CBC Radio British Columbia broadcast of a portion of a 911 distress call. I did not find a violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices but agreed with CBC News that more could have been done to alert listeners to the graphic content they were about to hear.

The second review concerned headlines online at The complainant felt they demonstrated bias. I did not find a violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices.

The third review involved a complaint that an individual's commentaries were not being used any longer on CBC Radio Newfoundland and Labrador's The Fisheries Broadcast. The complainant felt the host was expressing an opinion and the program's Fishline segment featuring community views was imbalanced. I did not find a violation of journalistic policy.

I have agreed to conduct two reviews.

The first involves a Radio-Canada television report on a police shooting of a dog. I am conducting this review because the new Radio-Canada ombudsman was in his previous role connected with the unit that produced the journalism in this case, so he has recused himself from reviewing the matter.

The second involves CBC online, radio and television reports concerning 911 distress calls made by Toronto mayor Rob Ford.