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It’s Just Not Fair

Birds do it, and brown capuchin monkeys apparently do it too. It would appear, according to this article in The Conversation, animals have a sense of fair play. They know when they are getting the short...


The Age of Algorithms

The Pew Research Centre has just published a terrific study called “Code-Dependent: Pros and Cons of the Algorithm Age” by Lee Rainie and Janna Anderson. Besides being a great pun, it is a really informative...


We are all gatekeepers

There’s been plenty written about how misinformation spreads through social media. In the old days, however imperfect, journalists were the “gatekeepers” - now it’s up to each one of us. Aly Colón is...


The Shattered Mirror - The Future of News in Canada

Last week the Public Policy Forum released its report The Shattered Mirror - News, Democracy and Trust in the Digital Age. The report was commissioned by the Federal Government. The report identifies...


Collaboration, not Competition

As news organizations struggle to find a way to stay in business and still invest in quality journalism, a variety of new models are springing up. This article from J-Source features a start-up helping...


Social Media Snapshot

The Pew Research Center just published an update on social media use. They started the research in 2005, when a paltry 5% of American adults used social media. Twelve years on 69% do. That’s no surprise...


The Future of Digital Journalism

You may have had enough of predictions for 2017 now that we are almost two weeks into it. But make an exception for this piece from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. Journalism, Media...