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Make it Clear to Make it Accurate

The complainant, Ed B, is being identified only by his first name and last initial because revealing his full name would compromise his professional position. I reluctantly agreed to do so because, a...

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The Grey Zone: Analysis and Opinion

The complainant, Mark Patterson, thought that a column by Washington correspondent Neil Macdonald condemning the Canadian government’s response to the jailing of Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy i...

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Reporting in Gaza

The complainant, Shoel Silver, thought the reporters working in Gaza faced intimidation and possibly censorship from Hamas, and should have said so in their reports. He was concerned that they withhe...

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The contentious case of Omar Khadr

The complainant, Kathleen Ruff, felt very strongly that by leaving out key details about the treatment of Omar Khadr CBC was “hate-mongering” and biased in its coverage. The stories dealt with an...

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Credibility is in the details

The complainant, Paul Sunstrum, complained that both on air and on its website As It Happens claimed that the bodies of almost 800 children were found in the septic tank of a closed Irish “mother a...

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