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No bias here, just human error

The complainant Jack Chivo was puzzled and concerned when an online story out of Gaza had no details at all about the information in the headline. He rejected the explanation that this was human erro...

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Kids can be seen and heard

The complainant, Ed Podolaniuk, thought CBC News Thunder Bay was irresponsible in its coverage of community reaction to a controversial Ontario election newspaper ad placed by a local Libertarian Par...

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Kick it Around but choose your words carefully

The complainant, Sharon Dixon, objected to a reference to Tom Mulcair in an introduction to a discussion about him on Power and Politics. She thought it showed unacceptable disrespect from a CBC jour...

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Getting both sides of the story

Lambros Kyriakakos, the Acting Chair of the Coalition of Eritrean Canadian Communities and Organizations, complained about bias and selective use of facts in a story noting that the city of Toronto s...

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How deep do you go?

The complainant, Hui Wu, was dissatisfied with the level of coverage surrounding a fundraising effort on behalf of a widowed Ottawa woman. She thought the facts used, and those left out, created a de...

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As a young freelance reporter, I spent time in South Africa during the days of apartheid. It was a powerful experience. If you are interested in some...