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Balance on the bear hunt.

The complainant, Keith Bacon, thought an interview on Daybreak North with the producer of a film about the grizzly bear hunt was one sided and failed to challenge what he had to say. He was also suspicious...

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The Business of Porn.

The complainant, Christopher Gillespie, thought a four-part series on Day 6 entitled “Porn-o-nomics” made a serious error of bias by focusing on pornography as a legitimate business and failing to address...

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The ethics of bringing up a newsmaker’s past.

The complainant, Daniel McCarthy, felt that bringing up Dr. David Dao’s past legal problems was unethical because they had nothing to do with his violent removal from a United Airlines flight. He had...

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A charge of sexism.

The complainant, Suzan Porter, was concerned that disparaging references to reporters concerned about hair and makeup was disrespectful and stereotyping women. The context was a discussion of the White...

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There’s more than one way to find balance.

The complainant, Mary MacDonald, objected to coverage on The National of the anti-Islamophobia motion. She pointed out that all three of the interviewees, including the MP who sponsored it, were in favor...

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The “Oxygen of Publicity”

In the wake of the suicide bombing at the Manchester arena, journalists and media mavens are talking about the best way to cover these events. There is...