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Syria Crisis Reporting

The complainant, Alex Perry, thought an analysis piece about the western response to chemical weapons in Syria reflected CBC News “groupthink” and proof that the reporter has bought the propaganda of...

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What makes it fair?

Eugene Winer, the President of a student travel agency, S-Trip!, objected to a Marketplace segment about his company’s graduation trips. The segment raised concern about inconsistent supervision, underage...

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Pictures vs. Words

The complainant, Luanne Roth, had concerns about a bar graph in an article explaining how to follow election results on the CBC news site on B.C. election day. It showed the Green Party ahead of the NDP....

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Covering Syria

The complainant, Marjaleena Repo, thought the Power & Politics treatment of events in Syria was too one-sided. The context was analysis of changes in U.S. policy, what it might mean and how it might affect...

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Balancing a live phone-in. It’s not so simple.

The complainant, Shlomo Sharon, asked if there was censorship at work when he was told there were already Chris Alexander supporters on line when he called the Ontario Noon phone-in about the Conservative...

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Presenting a viewpoint - Not taking sides.

The complainant, Mike Fegelman, wanted a correction to a reference to the Israeli security barrier as a “permanent structure.” He said that is the Palestinian view and the Israeli position should have...

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