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Climate change and hurricanes.

The complainant, Domenico Celli, thought CBC was deliberately lying when meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe pointed out some possible influence of climate change on hurricane Harvey. She was giving documented...

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Lyme Disease.

CORRECTION: Please note that there was an error in the posting of this review. The co-host of Calgary Eyeopener is David Gray, not Paul McLoughlin. The complainant, Lori Dennis, was angered by an interview...

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Whose facts are they anyway?

The complainant, David Stow, thought a story about the conflict between the town council and citizens over a development project in Gibsons, B.C., left out some important information about the mayor....

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Covering Omar Khadr.

The complainant, Murray O’Regan, thought CBC radio news was indulging in tabloid journalism talking about the Khadr settlement. The item on the hourly newscast focused on the controversy over the Canadian...

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Balancing Opinions

The complainant, Jessica Cooper, objected to an Opinion column in defense of a women-only spa’s policy to exclude trans women. She thought it perpetuated negative ideas of trans people and was symptomatic...

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The bounds of good taste.

The complainant, Christine Wilson, objected to a film review on CBC Ottawa’s All in a Day. There was talk of rape, torture and violence, and she thought it inappropriate to be broadcast at a time children...

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Getting to the truth, one story at a time.

The complainant, Shahsultan Karmali, filed his complaint on behalf of a group of people. They all objected to an article on CBCNews.ca about the ownership of a private island in the Bahamas owned by the...

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Controversy vs. Controversial

John Carpay, President of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and spokesperson for a Christian school in Alberta, thought coverage of a dispute between the local school board and his school...

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