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Balance and Middle East reporting

The complainant, Harvey Oberfeld, thought a report on The National detailing the findings of a U.N. inquiry into the Gaza conflict was totally biased against Israel. The reporter conveyed all of Israel’s...

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Gaming Culture and Women: #GamerGate again

The complainant Hans Schumacher objected to the characterization of #Gamergate in an interview about a documentary on misogyny in the gaming community. It’s best to be nuanced in describing the term....

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"Even if it's fake, it's real"

The Neiman Journalism Lab offers predictions for trends in journalism for the year ahead. Of course social media and its use in news features large. There...


Remembering Nelson Mandela

As a young freelance reporter, I spent time in South Africa during the days of apartheid. It was a powerful experience. If you are interested in some...