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Graphic language and telling the story

The complainant, Paula Waddell, was disturbed by a description of the sexual violence perpetrated by soldiers in the Central African Republic. I agreed it was disturbing, but did not think it was gratuitous....

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Rebel or militant: What's the difference?

The complainant, Chris Tait, believes that militant is pejorative and rebel is not. He thought CBC News deliberately and erroneously used the term rebel to describe Syrian fighters against Bashar al-Assad,...

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Tweets in stories: No big deal

The complainant, Lawrence Wilson, thought reproducing the graphic image of a tweet from a politician was like providing free political advertising. He thought it made it too easy for someone to follow...

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The Role of Religion

In a story about conflict at a Montreal community college, the complainant, David Murrell, noted that another media outlet identified the religion of one of the students alleged to be involved. The college...

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West Bank bias

The complainant, John Gilmore, thought that a news story about violence in the West Bank was biased because it did not present the Palestinian perspective. He cited the absence of the word “occupied”...

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Remembering Nelson Mandela

As a young freelance reporter, I spent time in South Africa during the days of apartheid. It was a powerful experience. If you are interested in some...