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Balance and Perspective

The Alberta Teachers’ Association released a toolkit for creating curriculum dealing with “sexual and minority genders.” The complainant, Greg Murphy, questioned the balance and fairness of an article...

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Balance and Opinion

The complainant, Peter Labrie, objected to an opinion piece that was anti-Trump. He thought it was partisan and its premise ludicrous. He is entitled to his take on it, but by its nature opinion argues...

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Bias by Omission

The complainant, Art Toft, thought that merely reporting about the closing down of an activist group’s space because the building was being torn down was unacceptable. He believed it was biased not to...

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Interpreting Perspectives

The complainant, Hans Dekkers, thought that any discussion of the Middle East peace process must mention that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas do not recognize Israel’s right to exist, even when the...

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The sober business of news.

The complainant, William Bowering, objected to the host and panelists on Sunday Talk drinking on air during the New Year’s day programme. This production technique may not be best suited to a newscast,...

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Emotional Reporting

The complainant, Whit Fraser, thought an interview with a World War II vet during a live Remembrance Day special was exploitive and inappropriate. He thought the reporter was relentless in her questioning...

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Transparent Reporting

The complainant, Emil Bizon, considered a report on Aleppo put together and broadcast from Beirut was misleading because the reporter was not in Syria. He also wanted disclosure of the provenance of the...

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It’s Just Not Fair

Birds do it, and brown capuchin monkeys apparently do it too. It would appear, according to this article in The Conversation, animals have a sense of...


The Age of Algorithms

The Pew Research Centre has just published a terrific study called “Code-Dependent: Pros and Cons of the Algorithm Age” by Lee Rainie and Janna Anderson....


We are all gatekeepers

There’s been plenty written about how misinformation spreads through social media. In the old days, however imperfect, journalists were the “gatekeepers”...