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Pitfalls of personal stories

The complainant, Kym Sweeny, said she had not given consent to be featured in an online article based on her interview on Cross Country Checkup, and that the article did not accurately reflect what she...

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The private person and public persona

The complainant, Stephan Hladkyj, considered a segment on The Current about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange disrespectful and inappropriate. He thought talking about conflicts with his hosts in the Ecuadorian...

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Talking about race is not racism.

The complainant, Oliver Alexander, thought a story about an all-white city council in a city with 57% visible minority population was racist. He thought the implication was that the white councillors...

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Levels of Verification.

The complainant, Mike Fegelman, representing HonestReporting Canada, wanted to know the details and verification of the statement that a Palestinian woman was shot and injured by an Israeli sniper almost...

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Politics and Marriage.

The complainant, Carole Paikin Miller, thought coverage of her candidacy for school board trustee in Hamilton was sexist and sensationalist. She objected to being identified in relation to her spouse,...

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How many views make for balance?

The complainant, Robert Wood, thought a segment on The Current in the aftermath of the alleged poisoning of the Skripals and a member of Pussy Riot was malevolent “against a leader of a nuclear power.”...

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Working journalists and academics alike have been spending a lot of time thinking about ways to restore trust in their work, and to help citizens discern...


Deconstructing a news hoax

Much has been written about the role of social media in creating false news and news hoaxes. This Poynter Institute article demonstrates what happened...