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Consent and Vulnerable Sources

There are no clear journalistic policies on what constitutes informed consent, especially when dealing with vulnerable sources. It’s a complex question. Wendy Norman complained that CBC Labrador Morning...

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Putting Quotes In Context

The complainant, Arthur Milner, thought some reports about Israeli reaction to a UNESCO resolution allowed remarks made by the Israeli Prime Minister to go unchallenged. He felt his assertions were false...

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Public Record vs. Right To Be Forgotten

In this case, the complainant was not asking for her name to be removed completely but that her name be taken out of a headline of a story. LuAnne Sirdiak wanted the headline changed because she thought...

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Balance and Controversial Issues

The complainant, Patricia Maloney, thought an interview with a doctor critical of the rules for dispensing the abortion drug RU-486 was one-sided and failed to acknowledge the dangers of the drug or the...

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Power & Politics Panel - Opinion or Bias

The complainant, Chris Ryan, thought a Power & Politics panelist had been insensitive and inappropriate in his comments about former Liberal cabinet Minister Hunter Tootoo. His opinion was forthright...

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Journalistic Truth -- One Piece At a Time

The complainant, Gregory Duffell, thought a story on The National about Liberal cabinet minister Maryam Monsef was a journalistic failure. He considered it a “cover-up” to counter criticism of the minister...

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Newspapers in Peril

According to data gathered by the Local News Research Project at the Ryerson University School of Journalism, 70 community newspapers have folded across...


The Glamour of Grammar

Did you know that the word glamour comes from the word grammar? And what do you call a person who owns and runs a restaurant? A restaurateur. What happened...