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Weighing Words.

The complainant, Gregory Duffell, thought a segment on The National dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to allow U.S. and Russian law enforcement access to each other’s citizens was...

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What we mean by Balance.

The complainant, Marcus Schluschen, objected to the lack of detail about a syndrome called EHS (Electromagnetic hypersensitivity) in the context of a CBC News online article about a B.C. Human Rights...

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Unpublishing Peril.

The complainant, Suzanne Martyn-Jones, Vice-President of Marketing and Communications at Knowledge First Financial, asked that an article published in 2010 regarding group RESPs be de-listed. The concern...

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The Limits of Opinion.

The complainant, Sarah Dowling, along with many others, strongly objected to Barbara Kay’s presence on a panel to discuss the change to the sex education curriculum in Ontario. Her opinions were provocative...

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Correcting the News.

The complainant, Nigel Rawson, took issue with the description of the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health as independent because it is funded by various levels of government. The programmers...

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Twitter Turmoil.

In April, a man driving a van deliberately ran into civilians on a stretch of Toronto’s Yonge Street. The complainant, Mohamed Jiavdheen, objected to a tweet describing the driver, based on an eyewitness...

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Tough Talk - Confrontational Interviews.

The complainant, Laura Finsten, was appalled - as were many others - at a question put to a senior Israeli political figure regarding the number of Palestinians killed by the IDF during protests at the...

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