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Emotional Reporting

The complainant, Whit Fraser, thought an interview with a World War II vet during a live Remembrance Day special was exploitive and inappropriate. He thought the reporter was relentless in her questioning...

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Transparent Reporting

The complainant, Emil Bizon, considered a report on Aleppo put together and broadcast from Beirut was misleading because the reporter was not in Syria. He also wanted disclosure of the provenance of the...

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Stephen Bannon and what you can say about him.

The complainant, Diane Weber Bederman, asked asked for proof where the former Head of Breitbart News, Stephen Bannon, was racist or anti-semitic. She said CBC should have fact-checked remarks made about...

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Assuring Accuracy

Time pressure is a daily reality of journalism. A complaint from Nicole Babineau of Dexel, a firm with development proposals before the Halifax Regional Municipality, is an illustration of the cost. She...

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Language and Precision

The complainant, the Executive Director of Honest Reporting Canada, Mike Fegelman, complained about the use of the word “illegal” to describe Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank in a November...

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Talking Racism

The complainant, Byron Perry, thought a panel discussion on hate crime in Canada condemned all white people. He said they were blamed for things that weren’t true or there was no proof the perpetrators...

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“White Trash” on The Current

The complainant, Rudolph Bangert, considered the use of the term “white trash” offensive and hateful. He thought the conversation with Professor Nancy Isenberg, author of a book about class in America...

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The Pew Research Center just published an update on social media use. They started the research in 2005, when a paltry 5% of American adults used social...


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You may have had enough of predictions for 2017 now that we are almost two weeks into it. But make an exception for this piece from the Reuters Institute...


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My last blog of 2016 is on a slightly lighter note - in one respect. This is a Poynter list of corrections done by media organizations around the world,...