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ISIS ISIL IS: What to call the extremist group

The complainant, Alistair Anderson, asked that CBC News stop using the name ISIS to describe the extremist group because it was causing difficulties for his granddaughter and other people who bear that...

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Twitter no-no: Think before you click

The complainant, Betty Sheppard, was appalled by an anti-Harper tweet posted by a CBC gardening columnist. The tweet was out of line and he should not have been using a CBC account to express personal...

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Quote context

The complainant, Ian Roberts, was interviewed in his role as Director of Public Affairs of Marine Harvest. The company was sponsoring a soccer club, and one of the players protested because she thinks...

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Election Balance: The National in Newfoundland

The complainant, Martin Crawford, was appalled at a story that documented the depth of the anti-Conservative mood in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The story showed a store selling anti-Harper...

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Savage satire: Marg Delahunty vs Stephen Harper

Mary Walsh, aka Marg Delahunty, produced an anti-Harper rant during the election campaign. The complainant, Brian Kelly, accused CBC of taking her side and endorsing her anti-Harper stance. There was...

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The Neiman Journalism Lab offers predictions for trends in journalism for the year ahead. Of course social media and its use in news features large. There...


Remembering Nelson Mandela

As a young freelance reporter, I spent time in South Africa during the days of apartheid. It was a powerful experience. If you are interested in some...