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Don’t Blame the “Messenjah”

One of the founders of the Canadian reggae group Messenjah, Errol Blackwood, disputed associating Carl Harvey with the band. Harvey has joined since the group reconstituted almost 20 years ago. There...

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Commentary in News

The complainant, Tom Korski, thought an interview segment with a CBC reporter was “pseudo-commentary” passing as news. It was a legitimate analysis based on Paul Hunter’s experience in the field. Explaining...

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Balance and Opinion - Finding the sweet spot

CBC’s Trending feature published an article about a twitter attack on the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign photo showing him eating KFC with a knife and fork. The complainant, Taylor MacPherson,...

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Anti-Semitism and The Left

The complainant, Jim Wright, thought a column by Neil Macdonald analyzing the response to anti-semitism from left-wing activists was based on a false premise and biased. There were examples cited to...

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Gay Rights and Religion

The complainant, Karen Howells, felt personally insulted and thought a column by Neil Macdonald was hateful and anti-religion. It dealt with fundamentalist attitudes to homosexuality in the context of...

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What’s in a Name?

The complainant, Heather Fraser, objected to being described as a former board member of Vaccine Choice Canada because she said she appeared on air as a “concerned parent.” CBC policy says it is important...

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Climate Change Contrarians

The complainant, Geoffrey Pounder, questioned the value and journalistic purpose of an Ideas programme called “Contrarians”. He said it was dangerous and deceptive to give air time to two climate change...

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