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A boycott is a boycott: The Greens and BDS

The complainant, Constantine Kritsonis, thought it was wrong to refer to the result of the BDS resolution passed at the Green Party Convention as “supporting a movement boycotting Israel.” It’s more selective...

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Words are loaded; handle with care.

The complainant, John MacNeill, stated that saying Baltimore police shackled and tossed Freddie Gray into a police van was inflammatory and misleading. Mr. Gray was a black man who sustained a spinal...

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Fairness and balance for an Olympic swimmer

The complainant, the Executive Director of Honest Reporting, Mike Fegelman, thought a story about a Palestinian Olympic swimmer was inaccurate and lacked balance. There were no violations of policy in...

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News, defined and refined

The complainant, Craig Pichach, asked a very good question: What’s appropriate for a newscast. In this case he thought an exchange between host Susan Bonner and Michael Enright was opinion and questioned...

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Don’t Blame the “Messenjah”

One of the founders of the Canadian reggae group Messenjah, Errol Blackwood, disputed associating Carl Harvey with the band. Harvey has joined since the group reconstituted almost 20 years ago. There...

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Commentary in News

The complainant, Tom Korski, thought an interview segment with a CBC reporter was “pseudo-commentary” passing as news. It was a legitimate analysis based on Paul Hunter’s experience in the field. Explaining...

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Balance and Opinion - Finding the sweet spot

CBC’s Trending feature published an article about a twitter attack on the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign photo showing him eating KFC with a knife and fork. The complainant, Taylor MacPherson,...

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Language as Technology

One of the reasons I chose to become a journalist is because of a fascination with language. Over the years, in various roles, I have had to think a lot...


Checking the Fact Checkers

One of the realities of social media driven news reporting is that facts are often loose and just plain wrong. There is such a plethora of voices, the...


Does Facebook need an editor?

The ongoing debate about Facebook and its role as a news provider versus its status as a social media company continues. Many folks in the news industry...