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Timing and Balance.

The Current ran a panel with two Israelis and two Palestinians to gauge the views of people under 35 regarding the peace process. While they were all critical of their respective governments, they were...

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The Point of Point of View.

The complainant, Stanislaw Skonieczny, thought a documentary featuring artists critical of Polish society was pure propaganda. The broadcast “Warsaw: Art Fighting Ultranationalism” is part of a series...

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Human Trafficking.

The complainant, Chester Brown, questioned the premise of a series produced by CBC News London about the sex trade and human trafficking. He called it “prohibitionist propaganda” and said the data did...

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Not all the facts all the time.

The complainant, John Melnick, thought an article primarily about the political fallout to the Gerald Stanley trial misrepresented what happened on the Stanley farm, and in so doing was biased and contributed...

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A high bar for removing a story.

The reality of the permanence of online news stories leads to requests for removal of articles. The right to control over one’s information and the right of free expression can sometimes clash. The...

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Making the links.

In the wake of accusations of sexual impropriety involving teenage girls against Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore, CBC News provided a feature story about the phenomenon in some Christian fundamentalist...

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Deconstructing a news hoax

Much has been written about the role of social media in creating false news and news hoaxes. This Poynter Institute article demonstrates what happened...


Fighting Fake News

When it comes to giving people tools to evaluate the credibility of news they get on Facebook and other social media feeds, every little bit helps. Facebook...