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Gas Prices

The complainant, Ron Young, sent a question to CBC New Brunswick asking why local gasoline prices were higher than in neighbouring Nova Scotia. He thought the answer provided by CBC’s “Gas Guru” couldn’t...

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Claims About Trains

The complainant, Bryan Halliday, was extremely skeptical about a claim that new trains being built for Via Rail will come with carbon emissions up to 80% lower than the current fleet. He wondered why...

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How to Name a Naturopath

The complainant, Edward Melcher, thought an opinion column regarding naturopaths was out of line. I disagreed, but it sparked an interesting conversation about future coverage. COMPLAINT You were...

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Sordid Allegations, Solid Reporting.

The complainant, Diana Davison, felt CBC was irresponsible when it let Hedley’s ex-drummer recount stories of bad behaviour by lead singer Jacob Hoggard. After all, Hoggard is about to face trial on serious...

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Pictures and Permissions

The complainant, Philip Wu, asked CBC not to use a particular photograph of him, but editors used it anyway. Is that okay? COMPLAINT You are the owner of Yellowknife Northern Lights Tour. Your company...

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Fixing Flaws

The complainant, Dr. Holly Witteman, objected to an online story about money spent by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. She said it contained errors and lacked context to the point of being...

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Fairness, Balance and Methadone

The complainant, Sean Enani, felt an article about some controversial methadone clinics in Thunder Bay was out of line when it noted the clinics were “private” and recently purchased by an American company....

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Not everything goes from on-air to online.

The complainant, Gabriel Hurley, was skeptical about CBC’s reasons for not publishing online a radio segment that had criticized the corporation’s relationship with Facebook. He also questioned CBC’s...

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