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Climate Change Contrarians

The complainant, Geoffrey Pounder, questioned the value and journalistic purpose of an Ideas programme called “Contrarians”. He said it was dangerous and deceptive to give air time to two climate change...

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Donald Trump’s Ban on Muslims

The complainant, E. Gelb, accused CBC of bias by omission in a story that dealt with Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigration. Failure to mention the ban would be until officials “figured out”...

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True or False: There aren’t always absolutes

The complainant, Stephen Birch, took issue with a Metro Morning interview with Finance Minister Bill Morneau. He said the minister had made a false statement about how Canadians are taxed and it was the...

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Trump & The Republican Party

The complainant, Steve Cherry thought it inappropriate for Neil Macdonald to refer to creationism as superstition in a column he wrote about challenges facing the Republican policy in the face of a Trump...

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The Challenges of Covering Trump

It’s day four of the Republican National Convention. You have been sending in comments and concerns about CBC News coverage. My response to those will,...


Does the truth still matter?

This article published in The Guardian and written by Katharine Viner caught my attention. It’s titled “How Technology Disrupted the Truth” and tells...


An Ombudsman for Facebook?

The last few weeks have been an astonishing, and sadly violent news period. The shootings in the United States, and now the horror of the attack in Nice,...