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The relevance factor in a range of views.

The complainant, Chris Eustace, thought an article about a Quebec government decision to delay school board elections did not seek out alternate views. The article quoted the head of the main organization...

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Reading the numbers on the Sunday Edition.

The complainant, Vivian Unger, objected to the phrasing of a question on the Sunday Edition regarding electoral reform in Canada. In an interview with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, host Michael Enright asked...

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Who owns a title?

The complainant, Dory Jade, is the Chief Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants. He objected to the designation “immigration consultant” to describe someone...

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Graphic error.

The complainant, Jack Chivo, noted that a map of the Middle East in a story about missile attacks on Syria named neighbouring countries but not Israel. He thought this was a deliberate decision and reflected...

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The Current’s “bloody” headline.

The complainant, Malcolm Brown, thought a headline about the controversy surrounding the appointment of Gina Haspel as Director of the CIA was inappropriate. He objected to the phrase “bloody Gina Haspel.”...

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Bias by omission.

The complainant, Bernard Ship, thought a story regarding the confrontations at the Gaza-Israel border lacked important information about Hamas’s involvement. The piece was not about the confrontations...

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Election balance on Ontario Today

The complainant, Marc Poitras, thought the host of Ontario Today behaved differently to the callers on the edition which focused on the Progressive Conservative party, during the recent provincial election....

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Context gives balance.

The complainant, Gregory Duffell, thought a segment on CBC TV programme The Weekly lacked balance and asserted that an international news service, RT, was a tool of the Kremlin without providing any proof....

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