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The Current on Vaccination

The complainant, Rita Hoffman, thought the host of The Current, Anna Maria Tremonti, made a mistake when she told a guest she could find information about adverse reactions to the MMR vaccine on various...

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Canadian Imams issue a fatwa against ISIS

The complainant, Valerie Fayer, objected to an interview about a fatwa issued against ISIS by a group of Canadian Imams. She thought that a fatwa was a death sentence and CBC had no business broadcasting...

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Conflict of Interest: Consider the perception

The complainant, Rod Murphy, was one of many people who expressed concern about a conflict of interest when senior business correspondent Amanda Lang interviewed the CEO of the Royal Bank of Canada, because...

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Vaccinations and balance, again

The complainant, AnnaMaria Valastro, thought that Cross Country Checkup had stacked the deck in favor of vaccines. Again, I found that there is no “stacking” because there is no equivalence when the overwhelming...

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The Current and childhood vaccines

The complainant, Dave Patterson, thought an interview on The Current with a mother who does not vaccinate her children was way over the top. He thought the show host was rude, one sided and that the program...

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Benjamin Netanyahu's congressional address

The executive director of Honest Reporting Canada, Mike Fegelman, complained that Middle East correspondent Derek Stoffel said that Benjamin Netanyahu offered no alternative to U.S. and other western...

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