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Sanctuary Cities

The complainant, Steven Austin, thought a story about Montreal declaring itself a sanctuary city lacked balance and did not provide enough information. I agreed that only one perspective was presented...

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The Dangers of First-Person Narratives

The complainant, Dan Jones, thought that a series on the high cost and difficulty of renting in Toronto was tainted because it started with a first-person tale of the reporter’s own problems. He saw this...

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Tough Questions

The complainant, Bill Hughes, thought Montreal morning show host Mike Finnerty was rude and inappropriate in his interview with Conservative MP Tony Clement. The opposition public safety critic hung up...

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News on YouTube

The complainant, Lois McQuinn, watched a clip of the young women participating in the International Women’s Day event in the House of Commons. She thought it was deceptive and made to look like a real...

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Expert Advice

The complainant, Sheldon Goldberg, objected to a conversation with a British Columbia Civil Liberties lawyer on the question of electronic device searches at the U.S. border. He thought she was unqualified...

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Reality or Perception?

Many readers objected to an Opinion column which explored the different ways we think about mass shootings when the perpetrators are Muslim and when they are not. Neil Macdonald pointed out that many...

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Can you call the Cops?

The complainant, Maxwell Silverman, said reporter Nick Purdon was wrong to call the RCMP after he encountered a shivering refugee on the Canada-U.S. border. The decision to intervene in a story, especially...

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The Power of Words

The complainant, Concetta Principe, believed that in a discussion arising out of remarks made by Quebec Premier, Philippe Couillard, at the funeral of the victims of the Quebec City Mosque shooting, host...

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Who or Whom? Who cares?

I get letters decrying the abuse of the English language - both through pronunciation and grammatical error. Language does evolve, and for better or worse...