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Liberal Politics and the WSO

The complainant, Balpreet Singh, legal counsel of the World Sikh Organization, complained that a story that said his organization had backed the nominee in a Vancouver federal riding was false. He found...

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Toxic Clean-up: Fear versus Facts

The complainant, Rafal Byczko, thought a story about moving toxic soil from Love Canal to a facility in Canada was fear mongering and unbalanced. It could have provided more context, but it did have the...

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There's more than one side to this story

The complainant, Brian Waite, thought that when one side is right, you don’t have to hear from the other. He objected to Evan Solomon interviewing a former CIA official about the U.S. Senate report on...

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Reporting on Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

The complainant, Khaled Mahmoud, thought a World Report story about the past activities of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau equated being a devout Muslim with being an extremist. I did not find that link made in...

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Stereotyping people with mental illness

The complainant, Diane Weber Bederman, thought Metro Morning should never have broadcast the fact that the girlfriend of slain soldier Nathan Cirillo thought a failure of the mental health treatment system...

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