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Visible brands in news content

The complainant, Trevor Berry, was concerned about the fact that there were identifiable products in a series of photos illustrating a story on the economy. He likened this to product placement and thought...

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Xenophobia on The Sunday Edition

The complainant, Mary Macdonald, accused Michael Enright of shutting down debate and free speech when he referred to xenophobia and hatred in the context of the discussion of the Syrian refugee crisis....

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Spin Cycle: It should come out in the wash

An analysis piece about the future exploitation of oilsands oil prompted John Darlow to complain that it was not analysis, nor an attempt at sorting out the truth. He thought it laid out facts to appear...

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Lots for Sale - Story or Shill?

The complainant, Gordon Dickson, thought a local Winnipeg story about the start of a housing development that had been contentious in the community was nothing more than an “infomercial.” There were unanswered...

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Soccer coach woes

The complainant, John Radosevic, contacted this office on behalf of Roberto Sciascia, a Richmond B.C. soccer coach who used to coach at Richmond FC. He was the subject of several stories because some...

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A Shot of Confusion

The complainant, the media co-ordinator for the Canadian Consumers Centre for Homeopathy Karen Wehrstein thought a Marketplace episode on vaccinations and the alternatives offered by some homeopaths was...

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