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Polish Perspective.

The complainant, Bodgan Gawroński, objected to an interview with historian Jan Grabowski on CBC Radio programme Day 6. He thought it was biased and that Mr. Grabowski represented an extreme position,...

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Framing creates balance.

The complainant, Ira Zbarsky, objected to a story covering pro and anti-Kinder Morgan pipeline demonstrations. He said they were framed as equal. Programmers agreed with his assessment shortly after the...

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Working on the railway.

The complainant, Fred Woodward, disputed the claim by the Chief of the War Lake First Nation in northern Manitoba that her ancestors built the Hudson Bay Railway in a documentary about the future of the...

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Provocative Permitted.

The complainant, Glenn Black, objected to a guest on the CBC Radio programme Out in the Open referring to protecting her children from “pervasive whiteness.” The discussion centred on one woman’s decision...

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Tough, Not Biased.

The complainant, Isi Erez, thought Carol Off showed her personal feelings through an angry interview with an Israeli politician. Tone is somewhat subjective - the interview was probing but I did not detect...

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Pay the piper.

The complainant, Christopher Budgell, wanted to know why Sunday Edition host Michael Enright was able to attend the Canadian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies’ week-long lecture series in Cambridge,...

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Evolving Stories.

The complainant, Clement Chisholm, objected to the coverage of a fatal fire in a property he owned and the follow-up stories about its cause. He said it was sensational, dishonest and misrepresented the...

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Neutral Language.

The complainant, Mike Fegelman, Executive Director of HonestReporting Canada, did not want the participants in the Gaza protests called “demonstrators.” He thought this would leave the wrong impression...

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